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Kids and Teen Program

Book a trial class if your child is new.

Our young program provide an interactive and professional environment for youths aged 5.5 and up to stay active, gain good posture, strength, and cool dance skills while expressing themselves. Your child will look forward to coming to our class every week!

Our program runs from September to June, and all of our students have the opportunity to perform on our annual recital stage. Tuition includes theatre fees and costumes, so you can simply grab your ticket and enjoy the show!

In our intensive program and high passion program, students have the opportunity to perform at off-campus events on behalf of DSJ!

What you can expect at DSJ

  1. Posture Training: Essential for modern-day youth.

  2. Strength and Coordination Training

  3. Path to Professionalism: Our program prepares students to become semi-professional or professional dancers.

  4. Creative Potential Unleashed: Students can easily cover dances or even become choreographers after years of training.

  5. Stage and Competition Opportunities.

  6. Confidence Building and Social Impact: Embrace popular dance styles like trending K-pop, fostering social connections within the community and beyond...

why dsj?

1. Systematic Teaching: Tailored materials for each age group, emphasizing fundamental skills crucial for street jazz, a rarity in the genre. Students can cover any dance they desire and may even become choreographers after years of learning with us.

2.Age-Adapted Dance: At DSJ, we prioritize age-appropriate dance styles, carefully adapting popular trends to create a safe and enjoyable environment for young dancers.

3. Effective Progress: Our professional instruction ensures rapid improvement, even in the short term. View our before-and-after videos for evidence.

4. Positive Feedback: DSJ has garnered numerous positive reviews since its inception. Hear what our students and parents have to say about us.

DSJ DANCE STUDIO(since 2016)LOGO-02.png


Registration is now open!

Some of the classes have already been filled up, so hurry up!

Promotion and payment policy

1.Register and pay before April 22nd/2024, no annual register fee.

2.Receive a 3% discount per student if more than one student sigh up from the same family.

3.Get a $25 discount for referring a new family to DSJ.(No upper limit; the referee will receive an EMT in September)

Note: If you prefer to arrange a payment plan and pay by semester, please email


 Please click on the link corresponding to your age group to learn more details and register



            Grade A: Age Range 5.5-7          (As of Sep. 2024)

Book a free trial class if your child is new.


Saturday 1:00pm -1:45pm

Potential schedule:

Wednesday 5:00pm-5:45pm.

(If you are interested in this schedule, please email us, and we will notify you when we have enough students to open this new schedule.)

DSJ Tuition Rates

  1. Annual register fee:$30/person, $45/family (non-refundable)

  2. Class rates(costumes fee included)

      45mins/week:$690  +gst(724.5)

      1hour/week:$750   +gst(787.5)

      2hours/week:$1300 +gst(1365)

      4hours/week:$2400 +gst (2520)

      1.25hour/week:$870   +gst(913.5)

      2.5hours/week:$1550 +gst (1627.5)


Program Features

1.Regular class for ten months

2. Free Costume (value from$70-$90)

3. Annual recital (excluding ticket)


In other dance schools, students are usually charged an extra $100 for items 2 and 3.


How to Join This Program

If your child is a new student, make sure you have booked a trial class and have got feedback from teacher.


Tuition: refer to the rate for 45mins / week.



DSJ 2023 Recital-123_edited.jpg


            Grade B: Age Range 8-12           (As of Sep. 2024)

Book a free trial class if your child is new.


                    Grade C: Age 13+                     (As of Sep. 2024)

Book a free trial class if your child is new.

Questions and Answers

1.Why is intensive package recommended?

1)Students on this program will review and practice much more. They also have chances to learn more dance combos or routines and improve faster.
2) There will be more opportunities to perform in Recitals or outside of studio. 
3)There will be opportunities to perform by solo or in small group in Recital.
4)Have chance to receive the private class at a discounted rate.

2. What are the differences between programs for the young and adults?

1)Different style: the style for the young is much more positive and uplifting.  Adult learners practise other styles as well, including the sexy/ high heel...types
2)Different training methods: The young are subject to consistent, strict standards and disciplines, aiming that students can become a professional or semi-professional dancers after years of training. In contrast, adult programs are interest-oriented and the classes are more relaxing and learning standards depend on the individual’s aim.

3.Does street jazz require extreme flexibility? (like splits or backbend)

It is a common misconception among parents that extreme flexibility is the basic for all dance forms. In street jazz, building flexibility is just a small part. The aim here is only to seek flexibility at a reasonable level rather than going to extremes. A bigger target is securing the other building blocks like posture and alignment, power, rhythm, coordination, emotion expression, and stage presence.

4.Are there trial classes for new students?

Yes. All new young students are allowed one trial class regardless of age or experience before signing up. The 2023-2024 open trial class is on April 15th, 2023. (you can register now!).  If you can not make it, contact us to reschedule your own trial class.

5.Are there performance opportunities for students?

1)There will be annual recital for all young students to showcase at every late June.
2) Selected students can perform at events out side of studio.

 6.As a registered student, what should I prepare for the new school year?

Here is the "back to school checklist" for helping you get well prepared for the dance class in the new school year!

DSJ Young program learning result

Examples of before and after


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