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Policy and Waiver

DSJ Dance Studio

Withdrawal policy( Kids & Teens Program):

1. The annual registration fee is non-refundable. If you register as an early bird to waive the registration fee but withdraw before classes start, the registration fee will be deducted from any refunds.

2.Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal. When withdrawing from the class, a parent must give notice by email. The classes that have been taken will be charged base on drop-in fee. $100 for registration/admin and costumes will be retained for any refund. (drop in fee: $20 for 1 hour or less than 1 hour class; $25for 1hour 15mins class)

The following month(s) will be returned.

3. No refunds will be issued after Oct 31, unless documented medical reason has been provided. Students joining in the middle of a semester can have a two-month grace period

Withdrawal policy(Adult Program):

1.Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal.

2.Seasonal program: Withdrawals will not be accepted for this program. You can:

1) Hold your credit for one time but all credit need to be used up before June 20th 2024.

2)Transfer to a new participant(not a current DSJ student)

3.Full-school year program: Withdrawals will be accepted before April1st, 2024.

1) Please notify us via email 10 days ahead with the student’s name, class and reason for withdrawal. Withdrawals will not be accepted after Apr1st 2024. Withdrawals after Apr 1st 2024, please refer to seasonal program policy.

2)The classes that have been taken will be charged base on $17/class. $50for registration and administration fee will be retained for any refund.  The following month(s)will be returned.

Insurance/Liability Waiver (For all programs):

While we take every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of you/your child. DSJ Dance Studio is not responsible for any injury/death occurring as a result of regular participation. I am acknowledging that with any physical activity there are inherent risks and if you or anyone in your family should require medical attention as a result of participating in physical activities at DSJ Dance Studio, or outside related activities such as parades, competitions, recitals, outside performances, etc. You agree to hold DSJ Dance Studio and all related agents there of free of liability of any such injury/death sustained through participation and you also agree that you and/or your medical insurance will cover any such related expense.

Publicity Release(for all programs):

I understand that photographs, recordings or filming of students by any and all of DSJ Dance Studio members, agents or members of the press become property of the studio and may be used for further publicity

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