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Register for Kids and Teens program

Step 1: Check Kid and Teen to read class info.

Step 2:If your child is a new student, please make sure you have already tried a class before you sign up the whole school year.(We need to ensure the student has a genuine interest and understands the learning rules)

Step3:Fill out the registration form below.

Step4:Pay for Tuition (we accept the following payment methods)

1. E-transfer:

a) Please e-transfer to

b) Please indicate the students’ name and program in the note. 

2. Cash

Please put your tuition in an envelop , write down student’s name and program code. 

3. Cheques:

a) Please write cheques out to “DSJ DANCE STUDIO(2043904 Alberta Ltd.)a”.

b) Please write down the students’ name and class you register in the memo

4.If you prefer to arrange a payment plan and pay by semester(there will be 3%service fee charged by the 3rd platform), please email for details

Program you register( Grade A:age 5.5-7; Grade B:age 8-12; Grade C: age 13+)
How will you pay for tuition?
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