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For Adult Program

1.Water bottle


2.Indoor exercise shoes.  Please make sure to change into your indoor exercise shoes before entering the dance studio. (Shoe racks are available on both the first and second floors).

3. Yoga mat (you can prepare your own mat, but we offer spare mats in the classroom)


4. For long-term students who are interested in recital / performance: black ankle boots (should be comfortable to wear, they are for possible events and the end-of-year recital; not urgent, you can keep an eye out for sales)


Suggested style:

5.At least two outfits suitable for street jazz dance. We recommend wearing comfortable and suitable dance attire for the street jazz class. Feel free to express your unique style through your clothing. You can refer to "pictures and videos" for outfit inspiration.


6. Mental Preparation:

DSJ Adult Class strives to create a non-competitive learning environment. The goal of the course is not to compete with other students but to improve oneself through dance, becoming healthier, happier, and more confident.


Regardless of your age or dance background, we encourage you to maintain a brave and open-minded attitude, always willing to try, and enjoy every class

7. Please check the address ahead of time (For new students, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to become acquainted with the environment and meet the teacher)


Address: 12117th Ave NE, or you can use Google Maps with the search term 'DSJ Dance Studio.' There is street parking available at the entrance.

Morning Class studio: Front studio (F1) in the small classroom.
Evening Class studio: Back studio (F1) in the large classroom. To reach it, go upstairs, through the hallway to the end, and then downstairs to the entrance on the first floor. If you encounter any difficulties for this, please contact Assistant Teacher Sunny at: 403-473-1987 in advance.


DSJ Dance Studio

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