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Make Every Step Count

Street Jazz Dance (also known as Jazz Funk) has been what we focused on since 2016!


We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages starting from 5.5 years old, including kids & teens systematic class and adult recreational class.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of dance with our classes featuring a variety of pop music, including the latest K-pop.  Our classes and specialized programs not only inspire and motivate, but also encourage dancers to uncover their distinct artistry and self-expression through movement


The studio has received countless positive reviews since day one.

At DSJ Dance Studio, we specialize in Street Jazz Dance, a perfect fusion of the strength and rhythm of Hip-hop with the traditional emphasis on posture found in jazz dance.


This dynamic style is tailored for today's children, offering a blend of energy and elegance.

Our choreography celebrates the diversity of popular music, offering a spectrum of styles ranging from powerful to cute and elegant.

Just like the iconic K-pop dances, all our performances emphasize teamwork, nurturing collaboration and individual expression. Join us at DSJ Dance Studio and let your child uncover the joy, style, and creativity of Street Jazz Dance today!

Why Street Jazz

Street-Jazz-from danceparent101(1).png

what is street jazz

As the name itself suggests, street jazz (which is also called jazz funk), is a high energy fusion of jazz dance and elements of street dance (like hip hop, waacking...)


Much like Hip Hop, Street Jazz has been often fast-paced pointed gestures and quick movements, but also requires a dancer develop strong posture—same as in traditional jazz dance. This genre of dance works on dancer's creativity, their understanding of the music and their energy and usually involves popular funk or R&B music. The emphasis is more on individuality, intricate movement patterns, and less on perfect technique or flexibility.

Some of its best known performers include Janet Jackson, Disney child stars, Jolin Tsai and South Korean idol groups, such as Black Pink. The commonly known K-pop is but one of the many music genres in street jazz.

Check video&photo page to learn more about the dance style we teach:

Meet Founder


Dawn X

Founder & Senior Instructor

Dawn, a certified professional street jazz dance teacher and choreographer, has more than 10 years experience teaching in LA, Beijing and Calgary, with unique knowledge of how students of various age groups with a wide range of dance experience learn differently.  


To help students reach maximum potential, Dawn’s classes, long reputed for being detail- and student-oriented, break down complicated choreography into basics. This well-crafted structure has benefited thousands of fresh learners and received countless authentic positive reviews.

Patricia M(Adult Program)

A rare gem among the vast sea. This place gives you that sense of fulfillment. Lighthearted, carefree, and fun. Dawn’s character and professionalism leaves you amazed. No other teacher that I have seen has had the same level of good attention to detail, which is a big key, that leads the student to amazing results. But her attention to detail is as smooth as butter, she has it so well fit for everyone to understand, you won’t even realize you are catching on easily with the dance moves. She gives her full attention to her students and cares for each. You feel you are understood just the way you want to be understood and fully comfortable to get dancing





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